Our Aims & Ethos

At Ups a Daisy we strive to provide a happy, caring , secure and educational based environment for every child and parent.

The universal characteristics of the child are used to promote and aid the child's well being and in our crèche at Ups a Daisy we adopt methods of teaching and caring for the children appropriate to their ages and development.

The Montessori method of care and education is central to the ethos behind the running of Ups a Daisy. Dr. Maria Montessori believed in creating a child centerd environment where children are stimulated in every area of their development. The method is completely inclusive and all children are individuals developing at their own pace.

Our policy is an inclusive one. We adopt an anti-racist and non-discrimination practice and have a commitment to an equal opportunities policy that promotes understanding of cultural and physical diversity.

All staff members are qualified within a specific area of childcare and have their certificates displayed in their rooms. A minimum of 50% of staff are trained in Pediatric First Aid and all staff have knowledge of basic First Aid.
The staff will continuously work to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and informal. We will strive to guide and nurture the child every step of the way.

The needs parents and guardians are always taken into consideration. We will do our utmost to accommodate parental wishes. We encourage parental input and suggestions and two way communication is an important part of the Up a Daisy philosophy.
If there is an issue of challenging behavior being shown by your child, which is upsetting to themselves, staff or other children it is our policy to discuss this with the parents or guardians and agree an approach to deal with it the same. It is not the practice to ask parents to remove their children.

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