2 - 3 years - Ratio: 1- 6

The age range is only a guide as every child develops at a different pace, so parents should not get anxious if their child does not move onto the another stage within a given time.

We will always try to move at least two children together in order to make the transition easier. The children will be introduced to different rooms gradually to allow time to get used to new routines.

We focus on your child's overall development and use a variety of toys and equipment to aid and refine their physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. The children are still very young so only short work periods are encouraged. Garden play is very important and we will take the children out as often as possible. Some children like to take a nap at this stage. If you do not want your child to sleep please inform a member of staff.

In or around 2 years of age potty training will be encouraged. This process take time and will be introduced in association with discussion with parents. It is important to make the time enjoyable for the child so a great deal of co-operation between the crèche and parents is necessary. Please feel free to discuss any issues with your child's carer's.

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