1 - 2 years - Ratio: 1-6

We recommend a setting in period starting with a couple of hours, so that the child can adapt gradually, building up a relationship with the carers.

Report sheets will be given daily detailing nappies, food eating etc. Ups a Daisy will provide Vaseline, Sudocream and cotton wool for nappy changing. Any other creams should be supplied by parents along with nappies. These can supplied daily or a larger quantity kept in the crèche in the changing area. All nappies will be labelled and we will inform you when the supply is low. Nappy changing times are 10, 2 and 4 or whenever necessary. If your child uses a soother, blanket or comforter they may be brought into the crèche.

A structured routine is used to introduce the children to a wide range of activities to develop their skills of independence and exploration. Appropriate toys and exercises will be provided and regular outdoor activities will take place.

We ask for a spare change of clothes to be supplied daily. This is a messy stage of development with the use of sand, water and paints so we would ask that the children dress accordingly. Wellington boots should be supplied for the garden. Wobbler's may sleep at any time of the day if they need to. Please discuss with your child's carer. Drinks are offered to the children throughout the day if your child requires a bottle of milk, this can be supplied by the parents and kept in the refrigerator.

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